Cancellation Policy

  • Customer can cancel/stop their subscription using Gaakhir mobile application or by reaching out to the customer support.
  • Multiple Accounts cannot be created with same address, if found then Gaakhir has the right to cancel/stop the Customer's subscription.

Return Policy

  • Gaakhir’s return policy doesn’t give you an option to return milk packets once ordered or subscribed, however you can pause or cancel your order before 6pm a day advance, i.e for your delivery on 7th April 2021, you can make changes to your order/ pause your order for a day or days/ cancel your order for that particular day up to 6 pm of 6th April 2021. After 6pm, it will not be changed and your order will be considered full and final voluntarily.
  • The same policy applies to other products.
  • However, if you receive any damaged product, return it immediately after checking to the delivery personnel.
  • Opened or damaged products will not be returned under any circumstances.