Pasteurized Non-Standardized Cow Milk

"दूध मतलब दूध"

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About Us

Gaakhir is an initiative to bring pure, unadulterated, pasteurized packaged cow milk to people along with availing them of the daily milk analysis and test results.

Our Mission= importance of milk + unadulterated milk

दूध मतलब दूध "

We procure every liter of milk directly from the milk farm, Analyse and test the milk for its natural properties; water, and any other forms of adulteration or impurities before accepting the milk.

We further pasteurize and pack the milk in our plant only to deliver it to your doorstep.

We ensure that proper cold chain management is taken care of throughout the process ensuring good milk to every customer.

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Our Products

Whole Cow Milk (500Ml)

Rs. 35

  • 100% Pure
  • Unadulterated
  • Pasteurized
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Joya Nagar, Gelapukhuri
Tinsukia, Assam 786125

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